Is Linux Ubuntu More Stable Than New Versions Of Microsoft Windows?

I had this large debate with my brother about whether or not Microsoft Windows is more stable than Linux Ubuntu. What I’ve found during my tech career (I’ve spent time doing support and development), is that while Windows tends to be user friendly (sometimes), because it has such a large user base, it also has TONS of issues when people use it. What’s important to realize, however, is that not all users are sophisticated. Regardless, Linux/Ubuntu systems may be more effective for the advanced user, but they also have a learning curve to be able to use them properly and effectively.

Here’s an interesting video discussing Windows vs. Linux.

Why Windows can be difficult to use

One of the main reasons Windows can be a pain for users is because of the errors users get. These errors are usually associated with specific files on the system like dwm.exe, svchost.exe, mrt.exe, and a bunch of others (those are some of the more common ones). Many of these errors are caused when files are moved or damaged. Additionally, malicious developers sometimes create malware and use known system file names as a disguise to trick unsuspecting users. When this happens, it can be ridiculously difficult to remove and fix.

In case you aren’t using a Linux-based system, here is a bit more detail about what to do in case this happens to you.

The dwm.exe virus/error

This one can be tricky. Some people have noticed this as a keylogger virus. That means something on your system is logging your keystrokes, likely with the intention of hacking or stealing your information. The dwm file is responsible for the Windows DWM or Desktop Window Manager. Basically, it allows you (or prevents you) from seeing things on your computer. One of the main errors users get is dwm.exe has stopped working. When this happens, chances are you either need to restart your computer, or you need to run a full-blown virus scan to be sure you aren’t infected in any way.

Coincidentally, another common error is with the MRT.exe file. This file is also called the Microsoft Windows Malicious Removal Tool (MRT). Since the application itself is responsible for removing malicious software, having an error with it can really put a damper in things. Some users have claimed to been infected with the mrt.exe virus, though it’s not as widespread as some of the other known viruses.

The biggest keys with the mrt file is that it’s located within a known Windows directory. If the file (or some version of it) is located in an external directory (like My Documents, or Downloads), you are at a much higher risk of being in trouble with a virus than if it’s found within the C:\Windows\System folder tree.

You can also download a free anti virus scanner and anti malware program to run some detective scans and see if your computer is in working order.

Because of the above, many less-than-novice users recommend Linux- or Mac-based operating systems. Many of those systems have fewer issues like these. Whether that’s because users are generally more understanding of what’s going on or the fact that the applications are built more sturdily, that’s up for debate.

Hopefully this sheds a bit of light on some of the downfalls of Windows and how you can prevent something like this from happening to you. As always, let me know of your thoughts, I’d be happy to discuss further if you’re interested.


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